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Call for Geek Poetry

Our first formal project is going to be an anothology of Geek Poetry. We want to put together an anthology of poetry that speaks to the Geek inside us all. This could be about computer geekery, superheroes, lego, poetry, Doctor Who or whatever else inspires you both as a geek and as a poet.

This is going to be a kickstarter funded volume, and you can find out more about it over on Kickstarter for Geek Poetry. What this means is two things:

  1. you will be paid for your contribution (at least £30 up front plus royalties on sales);
  2. your help in promoting the kickstarter and rewarding the backers would be appreciated, any ideas you have can be built in.

What do we want

As it says above, poetry about being a geek, or things geeks love. The form is less important than it speaking to the inner geek, so by all means send in vilanelles, sonnets or odes, but free verse is just as acceptable.

  • send in 30-50 lines of your poetry in a single poem, a collection or a short sequence (if you have more than this pick your best work)
  • also send in any notes about what inspired the poem, what it means to you, how it makes you feel etc.
  • a short bio (200 words or so) about how you've combined being a geek with writing poetry
  • please bear in mind our Calls for Submissions

If you have any illustrations, photos or anything else that you think helps set the tone and would be useful for the anthology do send that in too. These will need to work in black and white for the print version.


Please send in your submission before 31st July 2014. We'll review them as soon as they arrive and try to give feedback on whether or not we like it within four weeks.

How should I submit

Again, drawing on our Calls for Submissions we want an attachment in a plain text email. Please add the subject line 'Geek Poetry Submission - [name]' with your name in it so that we can easily manage these submissions. The email address is

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